Public Hearing on SB 982 and HB 2044

Senate State Government Committee

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 | 11:30 a.m.

East Wing, Hearing Room 8 E-A

There was an audio problem at the beginning of the hearing.
Here are Senator Argall’s Opening Remarks.


Public hearing on SB 982 and HB 2044


11:30 a.m.:         Welcome and Opening Remarks

11:35 a.m.:         Senator Lisa Baker on Senate Bill 982

11:40 a.m.:         Representative Eric Nelson on House Bill 2044

11:45 a.m.:         Todd Shepherd, Investigative Journalist, Broad + Liberty – Testimony and Presentation

12:20 p.m.:         Pennsylvania Department of State

  • Leigh Chapman, Secretary of the Commonwealth (acting) – Testimony
  • Jonathan Marks, Deputy Secretary for Elections and Commissions

12:35 p.m.:         Elected County Officials

  • Lisa Deeley, Chairwoman, Philadelphia City Commissioners – Declined to re-appear for questioning
  • Seth Bluestein, Philadelphia City Commissioner – Testimony
  • Omar Sabir, Philadelphia City Commissioner
  • Christine Reuther, Delaware County Council – Canceled

12:55 p.m.:         Closing Remarks and Adjournment

  • Senator Street and Senator Argall
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