Meeting to consider SB 996, and to consider the Executive Nominations of Pam Iovino to the State Civil Service Commission, and Joel Frank and Rudy Battle to the State Athletic Commission

Senate State Government Committee

Monday, October 24, 2022 | 10:45 a.m. 

East Wing, Hearing Room 8EA 


10:45 a.m.:         Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Senator Argall and Senator Street

10:50 a.m.:          Vote on Senate Bill 996 (Mastriano)

  • Parental Bill of Rights

11:00 a.m.:          State Civil Service Commission

  • The Honorable Pam Iovino
    • Introduction by Senator Fontana

11:15 a.m.:         State Athletic Commission

  • Joel Frank
  • Rudy Battle
    • Introduction by Senator Haywood

11:30 a.m.:         Closing Remarks

  • Senator Street and Senator Argall
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