State Government Committee Senator Cris Dush, Chair

Meeting to consider HB 34, HB 121, HB 2484 HB 2633, and public hearing on SB 996

Senate State Government Committee

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 | 10:00 a.m.

Hearing Room 1, North Office Building


  • House Bill 34 (Day) – Providing for the safe and secure transport of ballots.
    • Amendment A05725
  • House Bill 121 (Ecker) – Swaps 0.043 acres of Project 70 land in Adams County between the Game Commission and the Department of Transportation to facilitate the construction of an interchange.
    • Amendment 05705 will add-
      • HB 2836 (Hennessey) – Southeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Center (7.2 acres) conveyed to Pennhurst Holding, DE, LLC for $220,000
        • East Vincent Township, Chester County
      • SB 1340 (Argall) – 5.529 acres of PA DoT property to the Bear Creek TWP Volunteer Fire Hose Company for $61,000
        • Bear Creek Township, Luzerne County
      • SB 1328 (Browne) – Allentown State Hospital (165.846 acres) conveyed to City Center Investment Corp. for $5,500,000
        • Cities of Allentown and Bethlehem, Lehigh County
      • SB 1346 (Corman) – SCI Rockview (13.26 acres) conveyed to Centre County Industrial Development Corporation for $1,560,000
        • Brenner Township, Centre County
      • SB 1137 (Argall) – A portion (5.8 acres) of the Hamburg Center conveyed to the Berks County Intermediate Unit for $25,000.
        • Windsor Township, Berks County
  •  House Bill 2484 (Mizgorski) – Removes qualifying write-in candidates from the ballot if they do not file a Financial Interest Statement.
  • House Bill 2633 (Topper) – Comprehensive reform to the Uniform Athletic Agents Act.
    • Amendment A05712 –
      • Amends the definition of “Athlete agent” to clarify that it does not include a coach or other school employees acting within the scope of their employment.
      • Updates the language on penalties for perjury to be consistent with other statutes.
      • Requires further information (state of offense and date of offense) be supplied by registering agents with prior disciplinary offenses in other states.
      • Improves legislative language on certain notification requirements.
      • Requires the State Athletic Commission to develop and maintain a database for all registrations of an athletic agent.

Agenda for Public Hearing on SB 996

10:30 a.m.:         Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Senator Argall and Senator Street

10:35 a.m.:          Senator Doug Mastriano

  • Prime sponsor of Senate Bill 996

10:40 a.m.:         Parents Panel

  • Megan Brock
  • Jamie Walker
  • Maria Ault
  • Fenicia Redman

11:00 a.m.:        Dr. Chaminie Wheeler, DO – Testimony

11:15 a.m.:          Parents Defending Education  

  • Alex Nester, Political Director, PDE Action

11:30 a.m.:         Pennsylvania Advocacy for Children’s Education

  • Matthew Contreras

11:45 a.m.:         Parental Rights Foundation

  • William A. Estrada, Esq., President – Testimony

12:00 p.m.           Closing Remarks

  • Senator Street and Senator Argall
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