State Government Committee Senator Cris Dush, Chair

Meeting to consider SB 117, SB 760, SB 822, SB 1029, SB 1130

Senate State Government Committee

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 | 10:30 a.m.

East Wing, Room 8 E-A


Meeting to consider SB 117, SB 760, SB 822, SB 1029, SB 1130


  • Senate Bill 117 (Hutchinson) – Amends Title 11 (Cities) to reduce to ten, the required amount of candidate signatures for ballot access in third class cities, and eliminates filing fees.
  • Senate Bill 760 (Martin) – Amends The Administrative Code of 1929 to eliminate the ability of a gubernatorial cabinet nominee to serve as an acting secretary while awaiting Senate confirmation.
  • Senate Bill 822 (Phillips-Hill) – Creates the Museum Unclaimed Loaned Property Act to codify procedures for the disposition of unclaimed loaned property.
  • Senate Bill 1029 (Yaw) – Creates the In-Person Meeting Act, to require Commonwealth agencies to hold in-person meetings, except in times of a declared state emergency.
    • Amendment A04215 – Adds a definition of “Public meeting”.
  • Senate Bill 1130 (Dush) – Amends the Sunshine Act to facilitate the creation of local rules for broadcasting meetings online and allow public comment via authorized telecommunications devices.
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