Senate State Government Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Redistricting Legislation

(Harrisburg) – Senator Mike Folmer (R – 48), as chair of the Senate State Government Committee, will hold a public hearing on a number of bills to change how Pennsylvania’s redistricting process is conducted.

Senate Bill 22 (Senators Boscola and Scavello), Senate Bill 243 (Senator Leach), Senate Bill 464 (Senator Blake), and Senate Bill 767 (Senator Costa) are all proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution to change the process for how election lines are drawn.

“Redistricting changes have long been a goal of mine and I had planned to hold a series of hearings on bills that have been referred to the Senate State Government Committee, however, lawsuits over the 2011 maps were filed and I was previously forced to put these hearings on hold,” said Folmer.

Senator Folmer hopes the public hearing on possible redistricting changes will help to identify ways to better promote openness, transparency, and accountability, which have long been goals of his.

Article I, Section 2 of the United States Constitution as amended by the 14th Amendment establishes the requirement to apportion Congressional Districts and gives the states authority to establish the qualifications.  Article II, Sections 16 and 17 of the Pennsylvania Constitution establish the number of House and Senate members for the General Assembly and the manner in which District lines are to be established.

“As someone who both carries – and reads – these documents, I take seriously the powers and duties of government so as to ensure we never forget their intended purpose of representing ‘We the People,’” added Folmer.

The public hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 27 in Hearing Room One, North Office Building, Harrisburg.


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