Meeting to consider SB 300, SB 411, SB 414, SB 418, SB 421, SB 422, SB 693, HB 448, and HB 1461


Senate State Government Committee

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 | 12:00 noon

East Wing, Hearing Room 8E-B


To consider Senate Bills No. 300411414418421422 and 693; and House Bills No. 448  and 1461.

Senate Bill 300 (Scarnati):  Amends the Election Code to permit open primaries.

Amendment# A02032: Clarifies both the definition of “unenrolled elector” and also the procedure for unenrolled electors to cast primary ballots.

Senate Bill 411 (Folmer): Amends the Pennsylvania Constitution to reform the provisions relating to absentee ballots.

Amendment #A01729: Makes clear voters wishing to vote by absentee ballot need not be outside their municipality in order to qualify for an absentee ballot by making a technical change and by adding:  “a law under this subsection may not require a qualified elector to physically appear at a designated polling place on the date of the election.”

Senate Bill 414 (Schwank/Folmer): Amends the Pennsylvania Election Code (Election Code) to make statutory changes to process for absentee ballots.

Amendment# A02142: clarifies an absentee ballot must be mailed  no later than the Friday before the election so that absentee ballots will be counted with other ballots on Election Night; makes a technical amendment to clarify a certain citation.

Senate Bill 418 (Stefano): Amends the Election Code to change the number of ballots to be printed for an election.

Amendment #A01540: Amends the bill to clarify the calculation for the number of ballots to be printed based upon gubernatorial, Presidential, and municipal Election years.

Senate Bill 421 (Boscola): Amends the Election Code to eliminate straight-ticket/party voting in Pennsylvania.

Amendment# A01865: Changes the applicability section to state that the Act shall apply to elections commencing on or after January 1, 2020.

Senate Bill 422 (Vogel): Establishes the Pennsylvania Election Law Advisory Board.

Senate Bill 693(A. Williams): Amends the Election Code to allow for shifting judicial ballots in Philadelphia.

House Bill 448 (Kaufer): Adds the Director of the PA Emergency Management Agency and the Commissioner of the PA State Police to the PA Commission for the U.S. Semiquincentennial and extends a report deadline.

Amendment#A02135: clarifies that the Commission is commonly known as”America250PA” and extends the report deadline to three years instead of two.

House Bill 1461 (Fee): Amends the Administrative Code of 1929 to allow the Office of Inspector General to investigate and combat all avenues of public benefits fraud.