Meeting to consider Senate Bills 527 and 595

Senate State Government Committee

Monday June 5

Off The Floor

To consider the same bills from the postponed May 23 committee meeting.

Senate Bill 527 (Aument) – Bill Summary – Establishes an independent Office of Inspector General.

Amendment A01614

Makes various technical changes as well as changes relating to : the term of appointment and qualifications of the Inspector General; granting of subpoena power to the Inspector General;  ensure proper investigation of criminal activities by appropriate authorities; allows the Inspector General to investi gate and file criminal charges for certain types of violations; and annual reports to the General Assembly.

Senate Bill 595 (Folmer) – Bill Summary – Authorizes the electronic notarization of documents.

Amendment A01569:

Adds a definition for “identity proofing;” clarifies both the mea ning of personal appearance and the use of short form certificates within the context of audio visual communications;  adds requirements for journal entries for audio visual communications; requires the Department of State to publish p roposed regulations regarding performance of notarial acts by means of audio visual communication within eighteen mont hs; changes the effective date of the Act to be aligned with date of adoption of regulations.